Adventures In Meditation Book

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Modern man has conquered the highest mountains and the deepest oceans.  The Arctic and the Sahara are no bar to him.  What is left?  All the caves have been plumbed.  All the seas have been sailed.  But, what inner mountains await to be ventured?  What inner unknown seas wait to be sailed?

The meditating yogi seeks “the root of the root and the bud of the bud” of this thing called truth.  Past a thousand puzzles of the mind that seek to bind, he seeks silence. Past a thousand voices that wish him to conform.  The yogi is the truth seeker, the riddle master.  He is the true chance taker, who risks all to ask, “Who am I? What is life all about? What lies beyond the darkness of closed eyes?”  Come with me as we explore this ancient science of inner adventurists.